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Steve liked subscription and Kim listen. Kim

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Scientific facts and theory developed by Kim Jacobsen: As with cars the crime of being polluted is in the eye of moral and justice and not described in written law of justice. Decide to clone a good idea or get in touch with a more sinister person or character to keep withdrawing of time for reasonable and decent people interacting with saving money issues.

Have fun at friends or family. To be continued. Ads. Premium. Key sharing. Shared key. Session cookies and Memory string, duplicate content. Shortcircuit. Where are these keys just been.TripleDES or ViAccess. Faith is that access is the more educated type of person and less expensive than the less educated by interested person who is looking to save money. In the cave! Keep people structured, KISS. Keep it simple short.

APPL, Apple Computer Inc. a different approach but some similar context just with different syntax.

Some moves towards certain directions makes some cry or opposite sex attracts one another and creates and allow desire but also includes a risk of jealouxy of ímpatient or violent acts and play. It's almost like a "dont just look but be a part" teasing of experienced being teaching good behaviour and understanding the involved materials to fuel a certain curcuit of events keeping integrity untouched and guiding the less or higher intelligents towards a shared goal an accept to meet mind and intellect, intelligence, focus and good values for a combined good experience. Example documented and displayed in Batman Forever to shed a light on the ramblings of destined paths as with destiny, experience and time. Trial and error. Rinse and repeat. Success and Sensation with touch but called a fool by some but did know better. Don't feed the troll because it turns around and eat you leaving no trace. Warned been you many times. Also a description as in the most successfull corporates and founding, maint, keeper of only Syndicate in the universe. Think of central-nerve system and hold an eye open about the universe the commons are impressive simple but for some just not a need to know or misintrepred because its just to teach more about more simple and smaller beings in the same syntax and shared real world.

Short said Adam & Eve. Rotten apple. God expelled both in anger. To explain what happened to Steve Jobs. With all the money in the world where is he to spend them now. You don't seem to learn from past and history as if they are fake to you which is really baaaaad. Don't repeat mistakes as if you are invincible stupidity goes straight in a box and into the earth. Funny party. Flatscreens been from here, myself, all along. Paid for it? I never earned money on them. Everyone else but not me. Never been paid for my inventions. Its like a curse. Stupid humans always trying to serve themselves before anyone else and raking like maniacs with no space for the one who brought them the good things. Starting to feel abused and alone. Fucking assholes. Sick and tired of explaining anything because everytime i do you laugh and say better luck next time like somefuckingjerk as if im a present for nothing. Who pays my bills and food. Silly shitheads. Angry really really angry. Its not good. And its far from a good time. Humans just stupid thieves so far. Amazon also an example, eBay, Bitcoin, TDC Holding/Group, PayPal. Same story different name. Don't say I haven't tried. Pathetic humans. Not to forget the lame Google. Also a basketcase. Internet. Last one shut the lights. 574mia. lightyears. Clean signal. Planets bouncing signals. 5.74mia. years ahead what is expected to the earth is the Sun shutdown and becomes bigger to finally eat the earth. Feels bad which is bad. Clock is ticking.
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